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Cuccinelli stands with NRA lobbyists against promoting principled gun safety


June 4, 2013

The Virginian-Pilot editorializes, "The commonwealth, led by members of a political party that frequently decries federal overreach and the trampling of states' rights, maintains lax regulations on guns and the eligibility criteria for carrying concealed weapons. Supporters of that approach undermine other states' gun laws with two efforts: pursuit of a federal mandate that concealed-carry permits from one state be recognized in all others, and a state law that provides for a Virginia permit for nonresidents."

Progressive Point: Virginia's laws should protect our 2nd Amendment rights and promote gun safety. Ken Cuccinelli changed Virginia's concealed-carry laws to eliminate gun safety requirements, putting our families in danger. Our leaders should have the backbone and the integrity to do the right thing, but Cuccinelli is choosing to stand with NRA lobbyists.

Our rights come with real responsibilities. That's why gun owners agree our 2nd Amendment right comes with the need to keep dangerous guns out of dangerous hands. But Ken Cuccinelli removed gun safety provisions like real life training from the requirements to get a concealed handgun permit. Making us less safe does not equal more freedom -- it's just about money and fear. Cuccinelli should be listening to Virginia's responsible gun owners and law enforcement, not NRA lobbyists and the gun industry.

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Get the Facts:

  • "Gun owners in many states that have struck reciprocity agreements with Virginia can bypass their own state's concealed-carry regulations by obtaining a nonresident permit from Virginia. It can be obtained through completion of a brief online gun safety course, an option made possible under legislation approved four years ago and championed by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, then a state senator." (Virginian-Pilot, June 4, 2013)

  • "Virginia's weak educational standard ignores general public safety by failing to ensure that permit-holders are qualified to use their firearm. Texas, hardly a place unfriendly to gun enthusiasts, requires permit applicants to complete a minimum 10-hour class, which includes time at a shooting range and demonstration of proficiency. Permit renewal requires completion of another 4-hour course, also including demonstration of proficiency at the firing range. By comparison, Virginia's online option is a farce. Applicants must watch a 65-minute video and pass a 20-question exam. It is tougher to get a driver's license, or even an endorsement to legally operate a motorcycle." (Virginian-Pilot, June 4, 2013)

  • "The number of nonresident permits issued has risen each year after the 2009 law change," SB1528 - which Ken Cuccinelli sponsored, allowing just online testing for concealed handgun permits "from 1,179 in 2010 to 3,002 last year - a 154 percent increase over that time. This year's total of 2,803 through mid-May is on pace to eclipse the previous year's figure." (Virginian-Pilot, May 14, 2013)

  • Via the Washington Post, "How the NRA exerts influence over Congress":

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