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Is today the day Romney comes clean about his plan for Virginia families?

For Immediate Release
October 4, 2012
Contact: Anna Scholl (434)218-2113

Romney's trail of whoppers heads to Virginia: Is today the day he comes clean about his plan for Virginia families?

As Romney heads to Fishersville today for a campaign rally, his debate performance last night is keeping fact checkers across the country employed. Among the whoppers Romney trotted out last night: his tax planwouldn't raise taxes on the middle class, his health care plan would continue to cover Americans with preexisting conditions, denying the existence of tax credits for shipping jobs overseas and repeatedly accusing President Obama of cutting Medicare benefits.

Since Virginia families can't count on Romney to come clean about what his proposals would mean for us, nonprofit organizations ProgressVA and Center for American Progress Action Fund have crunched the numbers in a new report, "The Real Cost of the Romney Ryan Plan to Virginians". Here's a few of the facts you won't likely hear from the Republican nominee in Fishersville tonight:


  • Millionaires in Virginia would receive an $87,000 tax cut while middle-class families would pay up to $2,000 more in health care taxes and $1,066 more in taxes on their mortgages.
  • Governor Romney's plan to provide extra tax incentives for outsourcing and policy proposals to cripple the clean energy industry would jeopardize 90,000 Virginia jobs.
  • Seniors in Virginia would lose health care benefits while paying more. Romney would force seniors to pay at least $639 more for their prescription drugs each year. At the same time, the Romney-Ryan plan to turn Medicare in a voucher would cost current seniors at least $11,000 more out of pocket.
  • Women in Virginia would pay more for health care but receive less bang for their buck. Romney and Ryan would once again allow insurance companies to charge women more than men while taking away preventive care from at least1,376,205 women in the Commonwealth.
  • Young adults in Virginia would lose access to their families' health insurance. Romney and Ryan's promise to dismantle Obamacare would directly result in 66,000 young adults in Virginia losing the insurance they have today thanks to the Affordable Care act.

ProgressVA Executive Director Anna Scholl commented, "Facts matter to Virginia families, and the simple fact is that under his plan, Gov. Romney's top direct donor would receive over $2 billion in direct tax benefits while a typical police officer in Richmond making a little over $48,760 a year would see their taxes increase by $1,660. We need leaders who will value and invest in the middle class, not pull the rug out from under us."




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