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In the minute it will take you to read this, conservative Delegates's stonewalling will have cost working Virginians $3,500 worth of cancer screenings. In the few minutes it takes to forward this to your friends and family, conservative Delegates will have cost Virginia $10,000 in life-saving vaccines. If they don't stop blocking health care access now, by this time tomorrow our Delegates will have wasted another $5 million that could have helped our neighbors see a doctor when they get sick. If that's just what we'll throw away in a day, think about what that $500,000,000 could have done for the health of our Commonwealth this year.

Half a billion dollars is far too much to waste. Contact your Delegate now to demand action to close the coverage gap.

Previous Actions


End the Sequester now!

Tell your representatives in Congress to end the sequester and put Virginians back to work now!

Tell your representives to end the sequester now!

Reject Gov. McDonnell's abortion ban

Gov. Bob McDonnell added an amendment to Virginia health care reform legislation that interferes in private medical and economic decisons by prohibiting insurance companies from offering policies that cover safe and legal abortion in the state health exchange. Right now, we need you to add your voice to ours and progressives from across the Commonwealth who are strongly condemning Governor Bob McDonnell's action to interfere in decisions that should be between a woman and her doctor.

We don't have much time.Tell your State Senator to reject Gov. McDonnell's abortion ban amendment right now!

Tell Gov. McDonnell: Virginia is for Voters

The Virginia General Assembly has approved new voting restrictions that will cost the Commonwealth millions of dollars while confusing and discouraging voters. We all share a commitment to protecting the integrity of our elections. That's why Governor McDonnell should veto these bills: so we can take the time to get this right.

Tell Gov. McDonnell: Virginia is for Voters today.

Help Stop Gun Violence: Tell Your Representative to support the Fix Gun Checks Act Now

Conducting a background check on every firearms sale, every time, is the best way to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and other dangerous people. This commonsense solution is supported by 92% of Virginians. The Fix Gun Checks Act would require background checks on all gun sales be conducted (with limited exceptions) and would require states to upload all records of prohibited purchasers (felons, dangerously mentally ill, domestic abusers, etc.) into the background check system.

Please call your Congressman and tell them to support the Fix Gun Checks Act today.

Put Women's Health Above Politics

A 60-day public comment period begins January 28 for Virginia’s contentious abortion clinic regulations. The two-month period allows the public to weigh in on the regulations to the Virginia Board of Health. The panel will then review the regulations and vote on whether or not to impose hospital construction standards on Virginia clinics that perform abortions. If approved, the regulations would take effect over the summer.

Make your voice heard and submit comments to the Virginia Board of Health now!

End Workplace Discrimination

Did you know that in Virginia you can be fired or not hired simply because of who you love? Virginia has no workplace discrimination law to protect the LGBT members of our community. Senate Bill 701, sponsored by Senators Don McEachin and Adam Ebbin would change that, codifying the basic human right of all state employees to be free from discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Help us make this bill a reality: sign on now as a citizen cosponsor and we'll send a note to your legislators letting them know you support SB 701.