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Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli



Former State Senator

Attorney General Cuccinelli is a former member of ALEC (Source)



As Attorney General, Cuccinelli filed suit against the federal government over the Affordable Care Act. The basis for that suit was HB 10, the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act. The legislation, which was written by ALEC, prohibits penalizing residents for failing to obtain health insurance coverage.  ALEC touts on its website that this legislation has been introduced in at least 38 states. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit threw out Cuccinelli's suit, ruling that the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act did not provide him standing to sue. (Sources: ALEC, Washington Post)


ALEC Money

Attorney General Cuccinelli paid ALEC $115 from his campaign account. (VPAP)





Kenneth Cuccinelli for Senate




Kenneth Cuccinelli for Senate





ALEC Legislation

Then State Senator Cuccinelli cosponsored SB 6011, which would create a separate fund for any revenues derived from offshore energy development.

Then State Senator Cuccinelli was the lead patron of SB 585, which would create a searchable budget database website. This bill only called for disclosure of expenditures and excludes costly tax credits and loopholes.